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Type: Other
Author(s): Alaska Fire Science Consortium
  • Jennifer L. Hrobak
    Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Fire Service
Publication Date: 2010

The Nenana Ridge Experimental Fuels Treatment Research Project was funded by the Joint Fire Science Program and supported with additional contributions from local state and federal agencies. This project was designed to quantify the effects of fuels reduction treatments on fire behavior and post-fire vegetation dynamics in Alaska black spruce. The study began in 2006 with installation of four 1-acre treatment blocks. Two blocks were thinned to 8 x 8 foot spacing and limbed, one was shearbladed, and one was shearbladed and windrowed. These four blocks were replicated in the adjacent forest unit, with the intent to burn each unit separately.

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Link to this document (2.1 MB; pdf)
Citation: Alaska Fire Science Consortium. 2011. Nenana Ridge project update - what have we learned so far? 4 p.

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  • fuel reduction
  • fuel treatment effectiveness
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  • Nenana Ridge
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