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The Alaska Large Fire Database contains current and historical reported fire locations and fire perimeters (since 1939 and 1942, respectively). It was originally developed during the early 1990s by Nancy French and others from the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, with the cooperation of Don Barry (the AICC Intelligence Coordinator at the time). Its purpose was to compile and standardize perimeter information for large fires dating back to 1950 derived from historical fire reports. Since its original development, it has been maintained by the Alaska Fire Service, including the addition of each successive year's fire point and perimeter data, and supplemented by occasional improvements to existing data. In addition to fire point and perimeter data, the database contains fire attribute information such as: fire name, management office, management option, latitude, longitude, origin owner, origin admin unit, start date, out date, estimated acres, cause, origin township, origin range, origin section, origin meridian, AFS fire number, State fire number, USFS fire number, and import notes/comments.

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