LANDFIRE National Alaska Webinar Series
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: March 16, 2011

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  • AFSC - Alaska Fire Science Consortium
  • canopy base height
  • canopy cover
  • CBD - canopy bulk density
  • FCCS - Fuel Characteristic Classification System
  • FGDC - Federal Geographic Data Committee
  • fire behavior fuel models
  • FRCC - Fire Regime Condition Class
  • fuel loading models
  • NVCS - National Vegetation Classification Standard
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This two part webinar series focused on LANDFIRE National products that are currently available to Alaska. The scope and schedule of the LANDFIRE Refresh project will also be briefly discussed along with many other interesting topics. Part 1 of the webinar series focused on: A) overview on history of work and coordination with Alaska; B) data sets used in developing LANDFIRE National Alaska products; C) Alaska - LANDFIRE Reference Database (LFRDB); D-F) mapping vegetation in Alaska; G) updating approach for mapping ca. 2008 vegetation (Refresh); and H) National Vegetation Classification Standard (NVCS) - Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). Part 2 of the webinar series focused on: A) Fire Behavior Fuel Models (FBFM), Canadian, Canopy Bulk Density (CBD), Canopy Base Height (CBH) & Canopy Cover (CC); B) modeling fire behavior with Landfire in Alaska; C) fire regime and Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC); D) Fire Effects - Fuel Loading Models (FLM) and Fuel Characteristics Classification System (FCCS); E) scope of deliverables for Alaska Refresh; F) schedule of delivery for Alaska Refresh data products; G) scheduling FBFM calibration workshop(s). This webinar series was hosted by the Alaska Fire Science Consortium (