Tips and Training Materials

Tips, Tricks, and Information

We have developed a number of tips for using BehavePlus more effectively: Tips and Tricks [PDF]

We have helped develop an online pre-course workshop module to prepare students for Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations (S-490), including an introduction to the BehavePlus fire modeling system: Behave Plus/Pre-course Study Material for S-490 (scroll to the middle of the page).

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Training Materials

Lessons have been developed to aid users in more effectively using BehavePlus. If you are unfamiliar with BehavePlus operation, please review the four lessons in the Introduction Unit. Other lessons are generally stand-alone and should be used based on your interests and need; they are not organized into a BehavePlus "course." Some topics in the Modeling Unit consist of multiple lessons; the suggested order of these lessons is outlined on the first page of each.

The worst thing you can do is start at the top of the list and work your way to the bottom. Look for the lessons that help you build the skills and knowledge that you need right now. If topics are missing, please contact the Development Lead.

Lessons are organized according to Units.

  • Overview - General overview of BehavePlus; usually provided as a presentation.
  • Introduction – Four basic lessons provide the foundation for program operation; these lessons should be done in order.
  • Operation – These lessons cover various aspects of operation or "button pushing."
  • Modeling – These lessons describe modeling capabilities, limitations, assumptions, and sensitivity.