Fire and Archaeology

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Wildfires are one of the main threats of natural areas and often fires can affect protected or heritage areas and properties, in which the preservation requirements demand the use of non-destructive techniques (NDTs). The magnetic susceptibility is an...

Person: Sanchez-Roda, Oliva-Urcia, Gomez-Heras
Created Year: 2022
Type: Document

While still not perfect, advancements in technology have made it possible to gather fire behavior data on actively burning wildland fires (Butler and others 2010, Jimenez and others 2007). The Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Team (AMSET: a...

Person: Vaillant, Ewell, Fites-Kaufman
Created Year: 2014
Type: Document

The 2003 Mustang Fire required Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) treatment and monitoring of archaeological sites on Ashley National Forest in northeastern Utah. The fire burned over 20,000- acre area and nearly 300 known sites. Ashley Heritage...

Person: Johnson
Created Year: 2004
Type: Document

Shallow soil cores from 56 localities along the crest of the Colorado Front Range were processed by water flotation and wet sieving, then examined for wood charcoal and charred conifer-needle fragments. Charred particles were largest and most numerous...

Person: Benedict
Created Year: 2002
Type: Document