Fire and Archaeology

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The intersection of expanding human development and wildland landscapes—the “wildland–urban interface” or WUI—is one of the most vexing contexts for fire management because it involves complex interacting systems of people and nature. Here, we document...

Person: Roos, Swetnam, Ferguson, Liebmann, Loehman, Welch, Margolis, Guiterman, Hockaday, Aiuvalasit, Battillo, Farella, Kiahtipes
Year: 2021
Type: Document

The Schultz Fire of 2010 burned just over 15,000 forested acres and caused the evacuation of hundreds of homes. Heavy floods followed the fire, resulting in extensive damage to property downstream from the charred hillsides. Nearly three years later,...

Person: Combrink, Cothran, Fox, Peterson, Snider
Year: 2013
Type: Document

From the text ... 'We saw how fire suppression efforts often did more damage than the fire itself -- as we also questioned the high costs of aggressive fire suppression.... Wven some members of the wildland fire management community found it...

Person: Mills
Year: 2006
Type: Document

During the next few decades, a considerable portion of the productive boreal forest in Canada will be harvested and there is an excellent opportunity to use forest management activities (e.g., harvesting, regeneration, stand tending) to alter the...

Person: Engstrom, Galley, de Groot, Hirsch, Kafka, Todd
Year: 2004
Type: Document

In California, the percentage of wildland which is prescribed burned has been declining for many years. Fear of litigation, environmental concerns, and public perceptions seem to be the stumbling blocks. Is the reverse true: if we stop prescription...

Person: Bryan, Bakken
Year: 1997
Type: Document

Managers of designated wilderness or conservation areas, especially those that are fire-dependent, often face a major dilemma. It is essential that fire perform its natural role of rejuvenating the ecosystem. Standards of environmental regulation,...

Person: Bryan, Reeves, Cole, Savery
Year: 1997
Type: Document

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Person: Allen, Lissoway
Year: 1996
Type: Document