Fire and Archaeology

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The San Carlos Apache Tribe has worked toward incorporating natural fire regimes into their strategic fire planning and management goals in order to maintain ecosystem resilience and diversity. In exploring this significant theme, this report addresses...

Person: Kelly, Nosie, Pater, Johnson, Barborinas, Hetzler, Grauel
Year: 2013
Type: Document

Fire was arguably the most important forest and rangeland disturbance process in the Inland Northwest United States for millennia. Prior to the Lewis and Clark expedition, fire regimes ranged from high severity with return intervals of one to five...

Person: Hessburg, Agee
Year: 2003
Type: Document

From the text...'The term restoration relates to activities required to reduce hazards from wildland fires and improve federal forest and grassland health to a condition that can be maintained through periodic disturbance. Restoration and...

Person: Hardy, Keane, Harrington
Year: 1999
Type: Document

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Person: Bonnicksen
Year: 1988
Type: Document