Fire and Archaeology

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In order to fully appreciate the role that fire, both natural and anthropogenic, had in shaping pre-Euro-American settlement landscapes in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), it is necessary to develop a more robust method of evaluating paleofire...

Person: Walsh, Duke, Haydon
Year: 2019
Type: Document

Evidence for early agriculture can be obtained from pollen profiles indicating forest clearance1. The practice of cultivation is widely believed to have been introduced into the interlacustrine region of central Africa by Bantu-speaking iron-workers2,...

Person: Hamilton, Taylor, Vogel
Year: 1986
Type: Document

From the Conclusions ... 'Prior to becoming a national park, Shenandoah had gone through periods of indiscriminate logging, hunting, livestock grazing, and burning. Then the area entered the National Park System and shifted abruptly to a regime of...

Person: Wilhelm
Year: 1973
Type: Document