Fire and Archaeology

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From the text ... 'This volume is intended to be used as a reference for both cultural resource specialists and fire managers during their planning processes. The intended audience includes resource and fire managers employed by public, tribal,...

Person: Ryan, Jones, Koerner, Lee, Ryan, Koerner, Lee, Siefkin
Created Year: 2012
Type: Document

The rejuvenating effects of natural fires prior to 1900 in Southwestern forest communities have been replaced by recent, unprecedented crownfires. These wildfires have given rise to planned expansion of management fire as a tool for ecosystem...

Person: Bryan, Lissoway
Created Year: 1997
Type: Document

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Person: Fege, Corrigall
Created Year: 1990
Type: Document

Land managers are becoming increasingly aware that cultural resources are a fragile and nonrenewable part of the environment that must be protected. Legislation has been enacted at the Federal and State levels to protect these resources. There is...

Person: Lotan, Kilgore, Fischer, Mutch, Anderson
Created Year: 1985
Type: Document