Fire and Archaeology

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From the text...'The term restoration relates to activities required to reduce hazards from wildland fires and improve federal forest and grassland health to a condition that can be maintained through periodic disturbance. Restoration and...

Person: Hardy, Keane, Harrington
Year: 1999
Type: Document

One of the most complex and contentious issues in Australian ecology concerns the environmental impact of Aboriginal landscape burning. This issue is not only important for the development of a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and evolution...

Person: Bowman
Year: 1998
Type: Document

Managers of designated wilderness or conservation areas, especially those that are fire-dependent, often face a major dilemma. It is essential that fire perform its natural role of rejuvenating the ecosystem. Standards of environmental regulation,...

Person: Bryan, Reeves, Cole, Savery
Year: 1997
Type: Document

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Person: Nicholas, Patterson, Sassaman
Year: 1988
Type: Document