Fire and Archaeology

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From Wildland Fire Management Recommendations ... 'The protection of cultural resources during wildland fire is more challenging than for a prescribed burn. Treatment options available to mitigate the direct impacts from wildland fire include use...

Person: Ryan, Jones, Koerner, Lee, Timmons, DeBano, Ryan
Year: 2012
Type: Document

It is unclear to what extent Native Americans in the pre-European forests of northeast North America used fire to manipulate their landscape. Conflicting historical and archaeological evidence has led authors to differing conclusions regarding the...

Person: Bean, Sanderson
Year: 2008
Type: Document

During the next few decades, a considerable portion of the productive boreal forest in Canada will be harvested and there is an excellent opportunity to use forest management activities (e.g., harvesting, regeneration, stand tending) to alter the...

Person: Engstrom, Galley, de Groot, Hirsch, Kafka, Todd
Year: 2004
Type: Document

One of the most complex and contentious issues in Australian ecology concerns the environmental impact of Aboriginal landscape burning. This issue is not only important for the development of a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and evolution...

Person: Bowman
Year: 1998
Type: Document

The methods and motivations for fire use varied for late prehistoric societies of the Southwest. Although fire was probably used to increase the returns from hunting and gathering on marginal lands, it seems doubtful that comprehensive burning was used...

Person: Ffolliott, DeBano, Baker, Gottfried, Solis-Garza, Edminster, Neary, Allen, Hamre, Fish
Year: 1996
Type: Document

This report presents the Phase I results of a joint project between the Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS) of the Museum of New Mexico and the USDA Forest Service (USFS). The objectives of this study were to: 1) Determine whether cultural resources...

Person: Lentz, Gaunt, Willmer
Year: 1996
Type: Document

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Person: Nicholas, Patterson, Sassaman
Year: 1988
Type: Document