Fire and Archaeology

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During the next few decades, a considerable portion of the productive boreal forest in Canada will be harvested and there is an excellent opportunity to use forest management activities (e.g., harvesting, regeneration, stand tending) to alter the...

Person: Engstrom, Galley, de Groot, Hirsch, Kafka, Todd
Year: 2004
Type: Document

Fire was arguably the most important forest and rangeland disturbance process in the Inland Northwest United States for millennia. Prior to the Lewis and Clark expedition, fire regimes ranged from high severity with return intervals of one to five...

Person: Hessburg, Agee
Year: 2003
Type: Document

From the text...'The Department of Defense, as stewards of military lands, considers cultural resource protection a part of its central mission, 'the defense of the United States - its people, its land, and its heritage.' At Eglin Air...

Person: Wright, Stewart, Swain, Shreve
Year: 2001
Type: Document

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Person: Van Pelt, Swetnam
Year: 1990
Type: Document