Fire and Archaeology

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Here, we show that the last century of fire suppression in the western U.S. has resulted in fire intensities that are unique over more than 900 years of record in ponderosa pine forests (Pinus ponderosa). Specifically, we use the heat-sensitive...

Person: Roos, Rittenour, Swetnam, Loehman, Hollenback, Liebmann, Rosenstein
Year: 2020
Type: Document

Reports on a survey conducted by archaeologists on sites impacted by the Rodeo-Chediski wildfire in Arizona. Information on the archaeological sites within the fire's perimeter range; Details on the threat posed by wildfires to archaeological...

Person: Leonard
Year: 2002
Type: Document

Another large and significant collection of prehistoric maize cobs (Zea Mays L.) with Tripsacoid characteristics that are indicative of introgression from either Tripsacum spp. or its maize derivative, teosinte (Zea mexicana Reeves and Mangelsdorf),...

Person: Galinat, Ruppe
Year: 1961
Type: Document