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Job: Field Crew Lead - University of Washington (posted Jul 31, 2019)

This incumbent leads a small crew in the collection and processing of data for scientific research conducted by the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team. There are multiple existing projects for field data collection. One project will focus on three-dimensional characterization of wildland fuels in multiple locations across the country, including the Rocky Mountain region and the south eastern United States. Another project will focus on pre and post-fire fuels inventories in prescribed burn units in central Utah. The aim of a third project will be to characterize fuels in grasslands in the south sound region of Washington.  These data will be used to assess fuel consumption evaluate the overall predictive capability of fuel consumption and fire behavior models. Plot data collection includes tree measurements, vegetation measurements and identification, and above and below-ground fuel quantification and classification. There will likely be opportunities to participate in other fire research projects throughout the season.

Contact Name: Deborah Nemens
Contact E-mail: dnemens@uw.edu

Job: Lab Technician - University of Washington (posted Jul 31, 2019)

This incumbent assists with data entry and sample processing for scientific research conducted by the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team. Data and samples will be from multiple research projects focused on, but are not limited to, characterization of wildland fuels and their consumption during prescribed burns or wildfires from locations across the United States. These data will be used to evaluate the predictive capability of fuels and fire behavior models. Data entry will include manual typing of data from field data sheets into a database. Sample processing will include sorting vegetation into general categories as they relate to fire behavior, drying samples in convection ovens to remove moisture, using electronic balances to measure the mass of dried samples, and careful recording of weights and sample numbers.

Contact Name: Deborah Nemens
Contact E-mail: dnemens@uw.edu

Job: Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist - Alliance, NE (posted Jul 31, 2019)

Work in a joint capacity with Pheasants Forever, Inc. (PF), the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (NGPC) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to promote, coordinate and implement the conservation provisions of the Federal Farm Bill and other related wildlife conservation programs. Activities will include providing technical assistance to landowners regarding rangeland and wildlife management, habitat planning, precision ag conservation, contract coordination, conservation plan modification, site assessment and reporting. Conduct and coordinate training sessions that include workshops and tours for landowners and resource professionals. Provide technical assistance related to prescribed fire to private landowners and public organizations. Meet with local chapters of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever to help coordinate habitat and rangeland management efforts and participate in statewide habitat meetings. Implement conservation programs to improve rangeland management, grassland restoration, small grains and diverse cover crop use and wildlife habitat management on private lands. Assist or coordinate activities and projects as assigned.

Deadline: Aug 23, 2019
Contact Name: Kelsi Wehrman

Job: Forestry Technician: Fire Dispatch - California BLM (posted Aug 7, 2019)

This position serves as a Fire Logistics Dispatcher located in an interagency dispatch center. Duties may include but are not limited to: 

  • Receive fire reports, determines location, land status, and current fire information, and dispatches personnel, equipment, aircraft, and/or supplies according to predefined plans.
  • Serves as dispatcher, receiving, filling, and tracking resource requests.
  • Collects, submits, and processes fire reports.
  • Processes, interprets, and broadcasts weather information. 
  • Maintains data in multiple fire-related computer applications. 
  • Monitors radio and telephone communication, records and maintains communication logs. 
  • Gathers intelligence for briefings and incident statistics for fire personnel and inputs data into automated system.

Deadline: Aug 23, 2019
Address: San Bernardino, CA

Job: Restoration Technician - TNC - Bristol, FL (posted Jul 23, 2019)

The Restoration Technician performs land management and restoration activities in the longleaf pine community and embedded isolated wetlands.  They remove exotic species, participate in prescribed fire program, assist in forestry field data collection, assist with restoration contract management and oversight, and conduct rare species monitoring.  You will assist with fleet, equipment and tool maintenance.  The Restoration Technician will maintain records using a database or PC.

Deadline: Aug 19, 2019

Job: AFSC Science Communication Specialist (posted Aug 9, 2019)

The Alaska Fire Science Consortium (AFSC) seeks a science communication specialist to join their collaborative, dynamic team. They seek a Science Communication Specialist to assist with the discovery and dissemination of wildland fire science as part of a collaborative, dynamic team.

Deadline: Aug 19, 2019

Job: Natural Resources Manager - Forest Solutions, Inc. - Hawai`i Island (posted Jul 26, 2019)

Full time, year-round position with supervisory responsibilities, 60% outdoor work, 40% reporting, mapping (GIS), budgeting, and office work.

Deadline: Aug 18, 2019

Job: Habitat Specialist - Chambersburg, PA (posted Jul 31, 2019)

Duties: The incumbent will assist with all aspects of habitat management on the assigned BQFA. Major responsibilities include:

  • Directing and implementing habitat management work on the BQFA;
  • Procuring supplies and equipment;
  • Operating and conducting daily maintenance of heavy equipment including skid loaders, tractors, track-loaders, backhoes, trucks, trailers, UTV’s, spray equipment, and various implements.
  • Participating in the maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • Coordinating habitat management contracts including drafting, approval, direct management of contractors, and quality control;
  • Working with PF/QF Accounting and Agreements Staff to carry out procurement procedures for contracted habitat work;
  • Habitat management work may include overstory removal, invasive species control, site preparation, planting, management of food plots, diverse native seedings, prescribed burning and shrub plantings;
  • Operation of chainsaws to fell, buck, and cut trees including maintenance, sharpening and proper use of wedges. Candidates will be required to pass PGC chainsaw training.
  • Participating in prescribed fire operations and completion of all required training including arduous pack testing;
  • Participating in scientific field studies and surveys;
  • Assisting in training and evaluation of seasonal employees;•Direct supervision & coordination of technicians, volunteers, and students;
  • Completing administrative duties including accomplishment reporting, time & budget management and additional coordination with partners;
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Deadline: Aug 18, 2019
Contact Name: Kent Adams
Contact E-mail: kadams@pheasantsforever.org

Job: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Fire Science - Tall Timbers - Tallahassee, Florida (posted Jun 5, 2019)

Tall Timbers Wildland Fire Science Program has received Department of Defense funding from the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program to characterize multiscale feedbacks between forest structure, fire behavior and fire effects. This work seeks to advance more mechanistic predictions of fire effects through the application and advancement of coupled fire-atmospheric modeling to empirical study of surface fire regimes. The project is field-intensive and includes intensive fire-line experimentation campaigns using a variety of spatial and temporal monitoring techniques. This post-doctoral fellowship has up to 3.5 years of funding to lead integration efforts of multidisciplinary empirical fire behavior and forest measurements. The position will oversee data management, analysis, and data integration of 3D fuel characterization, fire behavior, fire effects, and 3D flows. The position will also facilitate the transfer of pre- and post-burn datasets to fire behavior modeling teams at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Colorado State University. The incumbent will play a key role in advancing our understanding of heat transfer to vegetation during fire and in improving post fire effects prediction. Primary duties are to assist the Wildland Fire Scientist and project collaborators with implementation of the study plan, help supervise field data acquisition, facilitate data transfer among participating organizations, and lead spatially explicit analysis of energy transfer and resulting fire effects. Other duties range from publication writing and preparation for submission to peer-reviewed journals, administering project management software, budget reporting, and student advisement.

Funding: State of Hawaii, Wildland Urban Interface Grants (posted Jul 26, 2019)

Matching funds will assist Hawai`i landowners with reducing the risk for wildfire on their properties via the U.S. Forest Service’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) grant program. According to Mike Walker of the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW), projects may be awarded up to $300,000.

Deadline: Aug 16, 2019

Job: Postdoctoral Analyst - Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) - Fort Collins, CO (posted Aug 5, 2019)

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) at Colorado State University (CSU) invites applications for a postdoctoral position. They are seeking an early career scientist to conduct applied research on landscape science and its impact on management of western public lands in close collaboration with the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The postdoc will be part of an existing collaboration between USGS scientists and BLM managers that seeks to co-produce actionable science products that bridge the research-management gap to inform on-the-ground decision-making on western public lands.

Deadline: Aug 16, 2019
Location: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Contact Name: Jessica Hunter

General: 2019 Association for Fire Ecology Award Nominations (posted May 24, 2019)

It's time for the 2019 award nominations!

The Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) is accepting nominations for 2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards and Student Excellence Awards. The awards will be presented at the 8th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress in Tucson, Arizona this November.

Lifetime Achievement Awards in Fire Ecology and Management

These awards are presented to individuals who have made a significant contribution to fire ecology and management, and who have inspired and mentored a generation of fire ecologists. Their contributions may be in research, management, teaching, service, outreach, or a combination of these areas. Lifetime Achievement Awards are given in three categories:

  • Biswell Award: Awarded to individuals who primarily work in ecosystems found in western United States or in similar ecosystems internationally. This award is named after Harold Biswell, longtime faculty member at the University of California-Berkeley.
  • Stoddard Award: Awarded to individuals who primarily work in ecosystems found in the eastern United States or in similar ecosystems internationally. This award is named after the long-time prescribed fire advocate for longleaf pine management Herbert Stoddard, Sr.
  • Wright Award: For those who primarily work in grasslands and shrublands in the United States and internationally. This award is named after Henry Wright of Texas Tech University.

Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE) Student Excellence Awards

These awards are given to students who are active members of recognized SAFE chapters and who demonstrate superior academic achievement and involvement in fire related research and activities. AFE presents two awards to students each year:

  • Edward Komarek, Sr. Graduate Student Excellence Award: Named after Edward Komerek Sr. (1908-1995), one of the renowned “fathers of fire ecology.”
  • Harold Weaver Undergraduate Student Excellence Award: Named after Harold Weaver (1903–1983), a pioneer in the field of fire ecology and ecosystem management.

Any active member of AFE or SAFE can submit a nomination for an AFE Award.

Nominations for 2019 awards are due August 15, 2019; awards will be presented at the 8th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress in Tucson, AZ this November.

Deadline: Aug 15, 2019

Funding: Sagebrush Landscapes Conservation Program 2019 Funding Opportunity (posted Jul 23, 2019)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is soliciting proposals for projects that conserve, restore and enhance sagebrush and associated habitat. The objectives of the Sagebrush Landscapes Conservation Program are to support several strategic projects that accelerate and implement cross-jurisdictional management collaborations and/or provide transfer of knowledge and implementation of specific priority conservation practices including: 

  • Mesic area/wet meadow restoration
  • Innovative and strategic management of annual invasive grasses in Idaho and Wyoming 

Preference will be given to projects that accelerate adoption of the most cost effective and sustainable approaches that exhibit a high likelihood of success. The Sagebrush Landscapes Conservation Program will award approximately $2.6 million. Major funding for this program comes from The Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Services and the U.S. Forest Service.

Deadline: Aug 14, 2019

Job: Postdoctoral position in Translational Forest Ecology, Policy and Management (posted Jul 22, 2019)

The management of broad ecological and societal benefit of forests in California has become a vexing and challenging issue. From increasing fire size, frequency, and intensity to beetle outbreaks and drought-driven mortality, forest composition is changing rapidly. These changes in forest structure create strong feedback into the management ofbiodiversity, groundwater management, forestry, recreation as well as human safety. Significant investment in research isresulting in emerging ideas about different strategies for increasing forest resilience and the maintenance of the complex suite of values people place on California forests. A limiting constraint on successfully managing forests in this time of change istranslating these emerging research findings into management approaches and strategies that managers can implement. Often this entails adapting findings from individual field studies and determining the circumstances, when and where, they would apply to forests being managed for different purposes. Thus, a limiting constraint in taking knowledge to action is the translation of research findings into tools, databases, and other information sources that are available to and resonate with, forest managers. The UC Davis John Muir Institute, the USDA California Climate Hub, and the USGS Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center each has an interest in facilitating this knowledge exchange to improve the management of resilient forest resources in California.

Deadline: Aug 10, 2019
Location: University of California Davis
Address: Davis, CA

Funding: Southeast FireMap - Request for Proposals (posted Jul 24, 2019)

The U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment) seeks proposals for the scoping phase of a newly proposed mapping effort for prescribed burns and wildfires in the Southeastern U.S. (SEFireMap). Funding for this project is contingent upon an approved Cooperative Agreement between the Endowment and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), which is providing initial funding for this undertaking.

An improved, cohesive system to track both prescribed burns and wildfire activity on public and private lands will serve as a critical decision support tool to maximize the effectiveness of fire management practices. This will help NRCS and its public and private partners achieve their varied objectives such as keeping working lands working, restoring the longleaf pine ecosystem, supporting the Department of Defense testing and training mission, conserving listed and at-risk species, managing for wildfire risk, and minimizing the need for regulation to conserve species.

Deadline: Aug 9, 2019

Job: Environmental Field Technician/Field Lead - Monterey, CA (posted Aug 1, 2019)

Burleson Consulting Inc. (based in Monterey, California) is seeking to hire one field technician and one field lead to support habitat restoration activities, invasive weed removal, hydrologic surveys, wildlife monitoring, and vegetation monitoring projects. Most work will be performed outdoors, often off-trail, steep terrain, and in all weather conditions. Upon hire, the successful candidate could begin full-time work (40 hours/week Monday-Friday) as early as August 2019.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities will consist primarily of field work alongside Burleson biologists conducting habitat restoration activities, and to a lesser extent, biological surveying. This may include erosion control activities, native plant seed collection and propagation, seed broadcast, planting, irrigation system operation and maintenance, surveying of vegetation transects or quadrats, wildlife monitoring, hydrologic surveys, and invasive plant management (e.g. hand pulling, herbicide spraying, mixing/storing/handling herbicide in accordance with California Department of Pesticide Regulation and OSHA principles). Occasional out-of-town work will occur and would require travel. The field lead would lead and manage crews of one to four staff in conducting the above activities, as well as participate in those activities. All work will be conducted under the guidance of Burleson senior staff.

Deadline: Aug 9, 2019

Job: Air Force Wildland Fire Branch, Regional FMO (GS-401-12) - Cheyenne Mountain AFB, CO (posted Aug 2, 2019)

The US Air Force Wildland Fire Branch (AFWFB) is recruiting for a Regional Fire Management Officer, GS-401-12 based out of Cheyenne Mountain AFB, Colorado to manage operations for the AFWFB Midwest Region covering 4 regional Wildland Support Modules completing ecosystem management and prescribed fire work across 25+ Air Force Installations in 13 states.

The AFWFB is an interagency partnership (AF, FWS, BLM, CSU, UM) program that completes various wildland and prescribed fire activities in support of the Air Force mission under the Air Force Civil Engineering Center, Environmental Operations Division.

This FMO position requires a background in wildland/prescribed fire and/or natural resources management but does not require a specific red card qualification.

This is a DIRECT HIRE Position, no announcement will be made on USAJobs. Interested candidates should forward a resume to michelle.steinman.1@us.af.mil no later than COB 9 August.

Deadline: Aug 9, 2019
Contact Name: Michelle Steinman

Job: Conservation Easement Stewardship Manager - TNC - Strong City, KS (posted Jul 11, 2019)

The Manager will work to improve ecological conditions on Conservancy-held easements in the Flint Hills as well as those held by other land trusts. Stewardship assistance may be in the form of technical assistance, development of grazing plans, prescribed burning, mapping and spot spraying of invasives and equipment loans. Implementation of stewardship activities will be based on the management needs and circumstances of eased properties, with an emphasis on biodiversity enhancements. This position will also have stewardship responsibilities at two Conservancy-owned preserves that total 13,000 acres.

Deadline: Aug 7, 2019

Job: Senior Natural Resource Specialist - Wenatchee, WA (posted Jul 17, 2019)

The Chelan County Natural Resource Department is seeking a full-time Senior Natural Resource Specialist to work on a variety of habitat restoration, forest health, water quality protection and water resource policies and projects across the diverse landscapes of Chelan County in north central Washington. The successful applicant will have a combination of strong technical abilities in the natural sciences, proven project management abilities and facilitation skills to work effectively with a diverse set of agencies and stakeholders to develop and implement projects and programs. Typical project responsibilities include evaluating and implementing instream flow improvement projects, forest health treatments, salmon recovery projects, water supply projects, and lake protection efforts, including developing natural resource policies and programs to support these efforts. Strong writing skills are required. Grant and budget management experience is highly desirable.

Deadline: Aug 5, 2019

Job: Supervisory Wildland Firefighter / Assistant Module Lead (Prescribed Fire/Fuels) – Mountain Home AFB, ID (posted Jul 19, 2019)

Position is available with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands. The incumbent will be an Assistant Module Lead of a multi-person Wildland Fire Support Module (WSM) for the U.S. Air Force Wildland Fire Branch. WSM is responsible for executing prescribed fire projects, mechanical fuel treatments, and assisting with wildfire suppression on numerous Air Force installations within the area of responsibility. This is a grass roots project which will require significant coordination and planning initially. This position is located at Mountain Home AFB, ID.

To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by 11:59pm (MT) on 08/05/2019

Deadline: Aug 5, 2019
Location: Mountain Home AFB, ID
Contact Name: William Sprouse

Training: Summer 2019 Wildland Fire Science and Management Online Course (posted Jun 6, 2019)

Check out this fully online course on Wildland Fire Science and Management offered by Professor Kenn H. Clark via Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Contact Name: Kenn Clark
Contact E-mail: k.h.clark@mcla.edu

Job: Landscape Research Analyst - The Wilderness Society - Bozeman, MT (posted May 30, 2019)

The Landscape Research Analyst supports TWS's science team in bringing spatial analysis to its conservation programs. The position has 3 primary responsibilities: conducting spatial analyses to support scientific research, applying analytical tools in priority landscapes, and fulfilling requests for quick-turnaround maps and analysis. This is an exceptional opportunity for a conservation science professional to apply their spatial analysis expertise to conservation work throughout the country.

The analyst position is part of the research team and works collaboratively with staff across departments. The position supports geospatial analysis to identify and deepen our understanding of conservation priorities and impacts of energy development and climate change by 1) conducting spatial analysis and modeling with raster and vector data, 2) acquiring, organizing, and developing spatial and tabular databases, 3) disseminating results as maps and tabular data, and 4) conveying an understanding of spatial analyses and results through oral communication, written reports, scientific publications, and other products. Analyses include, but are not limited to, quantifying relationships between diverse ecological or social data, conducting analyses of ecosystem representation and landscape connectivity, and assisting ecologists in the development and application of geospatial models.

Job: Fire Prevention Forester - Davey Tree Expert Company - California Coastal Region (posted Jun 12, 2019)

Employer: The Davey Tree Expert Company

Location: Northern and Central California (San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, and Napa Counties)

Starting Date: Immediately

What you’ll do:

  • Primarily work in high fire risk areas, with work focused on protecting communities from the risk of wildfire.
  • Successfully contribute to all aspects of vegetation management planning and analysis.
  • Utilize innovative technology and practices to help major utility providers deliver safe and reliable power.
  • Inspect and assess utility Rights of Way for vegetation requiring pruning or removal to reduce wildfire risk associated with overhead conductors.
  • Inspect and assess vegetation to reduce wildfire risk.
  • Work with landowners on fuel reduction and fuel modification.
  • Assess terrain, habitat and environmental conditions.
  • Coordinate with project managers, planners, and vegetation crews to achieve goals.
  • Identify tree and brush control work and protection zone recommendations.
  • Assist in problem analysis and development of compliance strategies with limited direct supervision or direction.
  • Assist in the development of and conducting of environmental compliance training.
  • Coordinate with Project Managers, Planners, and Vegetation Crews to create customized solutions.

General: Call for Abstracts - Fire Management as Climate Policy (posted Jul 16, 2019)

Consider submitting an abstract to this session, organized by Carly Philllips, Brendan Rogers, and Peter Frumhoff. Abstracts are due July 31. The AGU fall meeting is December 9-13 in San Francisco.
As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of wildfires, wildfires themselves exacerbate climate change through the release of greenhouse gases and black carbon. Together with expanding populations, this reinforcing cycle also leads to destruction of critical infrastructure, negative health outcomes from smoke, and loss of life. Fire management, however, has the potential to protect carbon, ecosystems, and human well-being, and minimize feedbacks to climate change and thus the intensification of wildfires. The aim of this session is to explore how fire management can interrupt this wildfire cycle, and reduce the impacts of climate change while minimizing the consequences of carbon loss. Organizers encourage abstracts that address interactions between wildfire science, public health, and climate policy, with an emphasis on those that address (1) feedbacks between wildfires and climate change, (2) impacts of wildfire on public health and (3) fire management as a strategy to limit atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

Deadline: Jul 31, 2019

Job: Prairie Restoration Specialist - TNC - Collegeville, MN (posted Jul 9, 2019)

The Prairie Restoration Specialist’s (PRS) primary function is to organize daily logistics, promote crew cohesion, and to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Daily duties will focus on native seed harvest and processing for a 100+ acre prairie restoration.  PRS will coordinate efforts of a three-person intern crew daily, and additional volunteers, staff, and cooperators intermittently.  The PRS will regularly canvass native prairie sites to prioritize both species and focal areas for seed collection efforts.  The PRS may assist in prescribed burns and maintain tools, equipment and land.  Other duties may include invasive species control and vegetation monitoring.  The PRS will maintain detailed records using field journals, a database, PC or mobile device. 

Deadline: Jul 30, 2019