Job: Fire Ecologist/Research Scientist - University of Washington - Seattle, WA


The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington, in collaboration with the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, is seeking a research scientist with expertise in fire modeling and remotely sensed data to support innovative research and monitoring to inform postfire management and pre-fire forest planning across the West under a changing climate. This project is designed to understand the short- and long-term consequences a of active and passive management treatment effects on stand structural characteristics following large wildfires. The project is quantifying treatments effects following large wildfires across the largest wildfires. The project informs the use of postfire management treatments (e.g., prescribed fire, salvage logging) to increase forest resilience to subsequent wildfire, biotic stressors and expected changes in climate. Long-term monitoring will evaluate whether accumulation of dead woody fuels and shrub regeneration hinders the reestablishment of seedling regeneration, deflecting the trajectory for forest succession and therefore preventing the accomplishment of long-term management objectives. Results of this project will inform forest managers to plan management treatment interventions to effectively steer early seral trajectories toward desirable future conditions. The incumbent will join a research team of postdoctoral scholars, federal scientists, and university faculty with expertise on fire ecology, silviculture, forest management, statisticians, and geospatial analysts. The research team has been establishing monitoring plots across the western US that includes several National Forests and BLM Districts in Arizona, Washington, California, Idaho, and Oregon. Salary is $4,700 - $5,300 per month.