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Posted: JobDeadline

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is home to Washington’s largest on-call fire department that is responsible for protecting over 13 million acres of both state and privately owned lands. Working with interagency partners, DNR embraces an all hands all lands vision. DNR’s fire program serves the communities of Washington and is a  strong advocate of wildland fire prevention, suppression, and mitigation. Spillman Fire Unit with the SPS Region of the DNR is looking for the right person for its Wildfire and Forest Resilience Specialist position. The Spillman Fire Unit covers Mason and Kitsap Counties of the SPS Region; from the shores of the Puget Sound and Hood Canal to the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. This position will support the agency’s Forest Health and Resilience Plan by supporting wildland fire suppression efforts as a qualified Engine Boss/Engine Lead during active fire season and supporting fuel mitigation projects throughout the year. In order to meet deliverables set forward by the Forest Health and Resilience plan, this position will conduct hazard risk assessments on residential properties and communities, and plan and assist with Fire Prevention projects. This position will be involved with RX burn implementation support roles.  Individuals will be expected to provide critical leadership in initial and extended attack fire suppression. Strong decision-making skills and a desire to take on responsibility are valued and encouraged. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the Wildland Fire Core Values of Duty, Respect, and Integrity.