Job: Southeast Georgia Prescribed Burn Association Coordinator - Tall Timbers - Remote in Savannah/Augusta, GA


This term position will be funded partially through the Longleaf Alliance’s Southeast Georgia Sentinel Landscape endeavors (US Endowment) with the remaining funds through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Working Lands for Wildlife program. Great progress has been made already in this region in fire-related outreach and cost-share.

The specific duties of the position include:

  1. Formalizes and acts as a full-time coordinator of Southeast Georgia Prescribed Burn Association (name subject to change) at the behest of Tall Timbers, NRCS, and the Association.
  2. Works closely with Board of the Association and other partners (to include Tall Timbers Geospatial Lab) to coordinate and ensure prioritization and safe execution of prescribed burns on private land within the Association.
  3. Uses Burn Association to facilitate fire use, pool risk to create cost-effective insurance coverage and annually plan burns to mitigate smoke emissions and ameliorate limited workforce capacity.
  4. Serves as Tall Timbers’ liaison for smoke-related concerns in the Augusta/Savannah areas of Georgia.
  5. Leads the effort to create communication and collaboration with private land participants within the Association through regular landowner site visits and facilitating quarterly outreach and/or training workshops.
  6. Assists in reducing backlog of NRCS cost-share burn acres when and where feasible within Association in part through coordinating landowners with vendors and other burning options (such as burn teams).
  7. Oversees local extension and outreach services to private landowners, agencies and public land managers through weekly landowner visits, quarterly workshops and participation in conferences and Georgia Prescribed Fire Council meetings.
  8. Assists with burn implementation as needed as a team member with the Tall Timbers Private Lands Fire Initiative.
  9. Seeks funding from agencies and landowners to support efforts and assists with land management through cooperation with other groups and agencies.
  10. Host field days and workshops to demonstrate successes and provide hands-on training. Increase capacity of certified burn managers through facilitating certification training.
  11. Participates with other Tall Timbers outreach and training staff to implement fire or assist in other fire related activities as needed.

Application Timeline: Open until filled
Preferred Start Date: October 2023

Contact Name John McGuire
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Sep 6, 2023


Sep 15, 2023