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Posted: TrainingDeadline

AFE Certification Applications: Deadline Extended to October 1

Professional Certification
AFE has several pathways for being professionally certified in wildland fire and fuels management and science. Becoming certified acknowledges your education, experience, and accomplishments and offers employers a way to identify you as a recognized wildland fire or fuels professional.

Re-certification Program
AFE suggests that you become re-certified at least every five years to provide employers, collaborators, and evaluators with valuable information on the time relevance of your certification. The application is a simple letter detailing continued education, coursework, and professional improvement since your last certification.

Academic Program Certification
AFE also certifies  academic programs at universities and colleges. With the many wildland fire programs to choose from, certified programs can attract more students into their programs. Students who graduate from an AFE Certified Program will qualify for an expedited application process to become Certified Wildland Fire Professionals.

Download the Wildland Fire Professional Certification Guidebook (Updated May 2023)