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Posted: JobDeadline

The postdoctoral fellow will be hosted at the USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center (FRESC) in the research group of Dr. Douglas Shinneman, Supervisory Research Ecologist, based in Boise, ID. The Shinneman research group investigates how vegetation management and natural disturbance events interact to affect ecological communities and valued natural resources. The postdoctoral fellow will gain experience by assessing scientific data and conducting a review of the literature to analyze and synthesize information about pinyon-juniper ecosystem responses to three primary change agents: tree removal treatments, drought-induced mortality, and wildfire. Response differences will be related to ecosystem resilience and wildlife habitat needs (with a focus on sage-grouse and pinyon jay). Dr. Shinneman (and colleagues) will provide research mentorship and training in line with the fellow’s professional goals, and the fellow will gain experience in highly impactful scientific writing, obtain an understanding of disturbance dynamics and their effects on vegetation communities and wildlife habitat, and operate within a research team environment representing broad areas of expertise.

Contact: Douglas