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Posted: JobDeadline

Vacancy announcement for Natural Resource Specialist, GS-GS-0401-12/13 position, is set to open 03/02/2023 and set to close 03/07/2023.  Vacancy announcement number is 23-R5-GVA-11848119-DH-GVS (DEMO).

There are 36 Forest Service Region 5 vacancies to be filled.

These positions serve as a liaison with partners and stakeholders, helping to formulate national program policies and guidance, developing materials that communicate the intent and importance of the program, and assisting with the planning, development, and management of strategic plans and accomplishment tracking tools.

Six positions are on the Ecosystem Management Staff. These positions are:

  • (1) GS-12 post fire forest recovery program manager
  • (1) GS-13 consultation biologist
  • (1) GS-12 carnivore program leader
  • (1) GS-12/13 regional botanist
  • (1) GS-13 wildlife ecologist
  • (1) GS-13 vegetation ecologist

Remote worksite must be within CA. For more details, please contact Diana Craig at 707-562-8975 or

Twenty positions are on the Pacific Planning Service Group. These positions include:

  • (4) GS-13 senior planners (science/climate change lead, FACA coordinator, ESA consultation bio, revision cohort lead)
  • (1) GS-12 botanist
  • (1 ) GS-12 species specialist
  • (1) GS-12 non-forest ecologist
  • (1) GS-12 forest ecologist
  • (1) GS-12 hydrologist
  • (1) GS-12 fire ecologist
  • (1) GS-12 silviculturist
  • (1) GS-12 soil scientist
  • (2) GS-12 planning specialist
  • (1) GS-12 writer/editor
  • (1) GS-12 engagement specialist
  • (1) GS-12 GIS analyst
  • (1) GS-12 fire/veg analyst

Remote worksite must be within CA, OR, WA, or AK. For more details, please contact Michael Goldstein at 907-209-6335 or

Ten positions are on the Ecosystems Planning staff. These positions include:

  • (2) GS-13 strategic planners (a regional planner and an engagement specialist)
  • (2) GS-13 IDT leaders
  • (1) GS-12 botanist
  • (1) GS-12 fire/fuels management specialist
  • (1) GS-12 silviculturist
  • (1) GS-12 GIS analyst

Remote worksite must be within CA, OR, WA, or AK. For more details, please contact Alan Olson at 530-356-8129 or

Final determination of the duty station will made by the selecting official at the time of the job offer. To see where Forest Service Offices are located click here. Click each region to see the different locations. Pay rates vary depending on location, the salary shown is for the Rest of the U.S. See for additional information on pay rates.