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Overview: The Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory at the University of Washington and the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station are looking for 6 paid student positions to assist in the collection of data in large wildfires in the Mendocino and Plumas National Forests in California. We are looking at post fire harvesting and restoration of forest burned by recent large wildfires.

Salary and Duration. $19.50 per hour plus overtime. Full time from June through August 31, 2023

Position Purpose. To assist with the collection and processing of fuels data for research conducted on large and highly severe wildfires in the Mendocino and Plumas National Forests in California in collaboration with the USFS PNW Research Station; The main project involves measuring the effects of salvage logging on forest structure, forest fuels and future fire behavior; to establish a network of permanent monitoring plots to quantify short and long-term effects of salvage logging throughout the western US.

Key job factors: UW students currently enrolled and who will continue at the UW in the fall. Employee must be 18 years of age or older prior to appointment.