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  • Provide professional guidance in the development and implementation of multiple resource objectives.
  • Develops fuels treatment alternatives to support management decisions while adhering to applicable laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.
  • Evaluates individual fuels treatments as well as the effectiveness of the overall program and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Coordinates with the next higher organizational level, other agencies, cooperators, and stakeholders to develop interagency fuels strategies.
  • Provide input and recommend strategies for fuels and fire management.
  • Prepare wildland fire risk assessments incorporating wildland/urban interface considerations into all agreements, operating plans, and land and fire management plans.
  • Participate in the development, review, and modification of the fire management plan.
  • Serves as a Contracting Officer's Representative on fuels management contracts and is responsible for the preparation of contract specifications and performance measures.
  • Implement and administer prescribed fire activities, wildland fire use, and fuels management activities and surveys.
  • Monitors fire behavior, evaluate fire effects, identify potential problems and take appropriate action.
  • Prioritize prescribed fire and fuels management projects.
  • This position will support the timber program with active fuels treatments and identifying, evaluating fuels reeducation needs, and laying out non-commercial hazardous fuels reduction units within planning areas.
  • May exercise delegated supervisory authorities and responsibilities 20% of duty time.