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The Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management with the Rausser College of Natural Resources, at the University of California, Berkeley, seeks applications for an appointee in the Specialist series in the Stephens Lab, with a focus in the area of Fire Ecology/Fire Science. The mission of the Fire Science Laboratory at the University of California Berkeley is to conduct scientific research and provide academic training in the fields of wildland fire science, ecology, and resource management.

Specifically, the Stephens Lab strives to:

  • Secure funding for and perform original, quality research in wildland fire science, ecology, and management.
  • Participate in and encourage interdisciplinary research efforts when possible, and disseminate findings by publishing research in peer reviewed academic journals.


  • Work in support of multiple ongoing fire research projects in forests, woodlands, and shrublands including analyzing historical datasets, measuring the effects of prescribed fire and managed wildfires, and developing remotely sensed fire severity metrics in areas outside of conifer forests.
  • Work includes complex statistical analysis of large datasets, writing sections of or leading writing of manuscripts, assisting in proposal writing, and developing new research ideas.
Contact: Scott