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In the northeast – the most forested, populated, and fastest-warming region of the contiguous United States – threats to forest ecosystem services are numerous and diverse. The Applied Forest and Fire Ecology Lab (AFFEL) at SUNY ESF seeks to address these threats by: 1) understanding how disturbance affects forest structure, composition, distribution, and function, 2) integrating this knowledge into the design of modern forest management strategies, tactics, and tools, and 3) testing efficacy through application. In general, AFFEL explores the hypothesis that disturbance is the key to forest resilience. Students can pursue any research idea within this broad theme.

The desired start date is May of 2023, but later or earlier dates are possible. Review of applications will begin on January 1, 2023. The position will remain open until filled.

Contact: Dr. Andrew L. Vander 470-6568
Regions: Eastern