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In cooperation with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), the Great Basin Institute (GBI) is recruiting one Ecological Monitoring Project Manager to work with agency staff, GBI staff, and GBI field crews to assist in the implementation of NDOW’s Land Health Assessment Program (LHA). The goal of the LHA program is to provide ecological monitoring data to inform conservation planning and adaptive management decisions. Work typically focuses on sagebrush ecosystems characteristic of the Great Basin Desert.

The Project Manager will work closely with the Ecological Monitoring Program Manager, NDOW staff, and Cooperating Agency staff to pilot a new rapid assessment protocol for treatment effectiveness monitoring. The Project Manager, in close coordination with program staff, will oversee project implementation including planning, recruitment, training, logistics, safety, and crew supervision; building and maintaining project partner relationships; and ensuring data quality and accuracy.
This position is primarily office-based with extensive fieldwork during the summer season, typically May to August. During field work, frequent travel and camping for up to seven consecutive nights in remote locations will be required. This position is fully funded for a year, with the potential for additional funding for up to three years. Individuals applying for this position should be adept at working in an office environment and capable of working long days in the field while overseeing field technicians.

Qualified applicants will have a background in ecology, vegetation inventory methodologies & plant identification, GIS, project management skills, a meticulous approach to data management, and excellent written and oral communication skills. Extensive field experience including 4x4 navigation on backcountry roads, knowledge of GPS units and tablets for data collection, and well-developed observational skills are required. Ideal candidates will have experience with Great Basin flora, technician & crew oversight experience, Survey123/Field Maps experience, and a working knowledge of geodatabases and basic relational database concepts. An interest in fire and restoration ecology and practice will also aide success in the position.