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Posted: JobDeadline

The Forest Health Project Manager will advance TRT’s forest restoration program through project implementation, liaising with private contractors, the Stanislaus National Forest, and staff from Tuolumne County. They will be responsible for implementation of contracts, project design and layout, marking of boundaries, and project monitoring. The Project Manager will spend a significant portion of their time (50%) on project operations, managing fuels management activities to ensure targets are achieved, objectives are met, and mitigation measures are adequate. They will monitor fuels treatments, evaluate effects, identify potential problems, and take actions to solve them. This work will include designing and implementing fuels management surveys, evaluating treatments and effectiveness, and serving as the point of contact for contracted crews. Approximately 40% of the Project Manager’s time will be devoted to planning and coordinating, including, reviewing, and implementing land management plans, instructing field staff, writing and reviewing contracts, and tracking projects. 10% of the Project Manager’s time will be spent on program management, including soliciting grant funding, reporting project updates to grantors, and coordinating work between multiple partners and agencies.