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Posted: FundingDeadline

It's time to apply! The interagency Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) is soliciting proposals from both government and non-government entities through several formal Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) announcements beginning October 21 and remaining open through December 20, 2022 at 5 pm MT. 

Task Statements:

23-1-01 Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Award: The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) invites current master and doctoral students enrolled at colleges or universities within the US in the field of wildland fire and related physical, biological, and social sciences to apply for a Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) award. The purpose of a GRIN award is to enhance student exposure to the management and policy relevance of their research to achieve beneficial outcomes of funded work.

23-2-01 Longevity of fuel treatment effectiveness under climate change: The objectives of this task statement are to (1) understand patterns of fuel accumulation, vegetation change, and potential fire behavior following fuel treatments over time and (2) inform the frequency and type of treatments needed to maintain treatment effectiveness.

23-2-02 Fuels treatment effectiveness across landscapes: The objective of this task statement is to inform planning and implementation of landscape fuel treatment strategies that allow for safe and effective management of wildfire to meet protection and resource management objectives.

23-2-03 Pre-fire management actions for reducing post-fire hazards: The objective of this task statement is to gain better understanding of the factors that lead to successful cross-jurisdictional pre-fire planning aimed at reducing the potential for post-fire hazards, through synthesis and evaluation of existing tools and investigations of enabling conditions that foster successful cross-jurisdictional planning and action.

23-2-04 Social and political factors that influence fire suppression and rehabilitation costs: The objective of this task statement is to evaluate understudied factors that influence costs associated with wildfire suppression and immediate post-fire rehabilitation to inform cost models and performance metrics for efficient use of fire suppression and rehabilitation resources.

23-3-01 Regional Science Exchange and Outreach: The objective of this task statement is to solicit proposals to lead and execute a particular regional fire science exchange for a period of two years. The JFSP funds and provides oversight to a national collaborative of 15 regional wildland fire science exchanges: the Fire Science Exchange Network (FSEN). The FSEN provides the most relevant, current wildland fire science information to federal, state, local, tribal, and private stakeholders within ecologically similar regions. The FSEN brings fire, fuel, natural resource, and land managers, practitioners, and scientists together to address regional wildland fire management needs and challenges. PThis solicitation is seeking individual proposals (i.e., each proposal must be specific to one region) for the following six regions of the FSEN: Alaska, Great Basin, Northern Rockies, Oak Woodlands, Northwest and Pacific Islands.