Job: Partnership and Collaboration Director - West Region Wildfire Council - Ridgway, CO


This position will expand the West Region Wildfire Council (WRWC)’s capacity to convene, facilitate and foster collaborative communication and coordination services for numerous partners and stakeholders to achieve mutually desired outcomes. This includes individuals, community organizations, industry representatives, NGO’s, local governments, special districts, state and federal agencies, institutes of higher education, elected officials and others.

Wildfire has the potential to affect and impact (both positively and negatively) communities, critical infrastructure, watersheds, water resources (both quantity and quality), ecosystems/ ecosystem services, natural resources, private industry, public lands, public resources, local economies and many other values.

Given the realities of a changing climate and the urgent threats to our forests, watersheds and communities posed by uncharacteristic wildfire, this position will provide leadership and/or assistance with all related efforts and initiatives to create and enhance connections between and amongst stakeholders, promote coordination and collaboration, and advance an increase to the pace and scale of community prioritized outcomes such as: forested acres treated, hardened homes, increased public awareness, improved forest and ecosystem resiliency, increase use of prescribed fire, community preparedness and other associated outcomes that reduce wildfire risk.

Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Contact Name Lilia Falk
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