Job: Program Coordinator - Southwest Fire Science Consortium - Flagstaff, AZ


The Program Coordinator maintains and coordinates the Southwest Fire Science Consortium within the School of Forestry. Ensures the implementation of policies and practices, and conducts oversight, review, and analysis of the effectiveness and compliance of the program. The position is in charge of communication/outreach, coordination, event planning, deliverable tracking and maintaining and helping to develop new and existing partnerships. Additional work includes: develop and create communication materials for the media, and policy makers as needed (and as requested); help to manage new partnerships; manage the website and update it; and understand and use online programs for virtual events to improve interactivity (google jamboard, Mural, and Mentimeter). The coordinator will create working papers, GIS Story Maps, and videos that support the goals of the program. The coordinator will also help with proposal development to continue and expand new lines of work and will track new and existing budgets. Coordinator will also support development of contracts and agreements with federal partners.

If you are interested or have questions: please contact Dr. Andi Thode (, 928-523-5457) or Barb Satink Wolfson (, 928-523-1148), Northern Arizona University.

Post Date

May 9, 2022


May 16, 2022


Type: Job