Job: Post-fire Science and Monitoring Fellowship - US Forest Service - Olympia, WA or Corvallis, OR


The fellow will collaborate with a unique inter-agency team in Oregon to develop several resources related to fire and post-fire research and monitoring. The goal of these resources is to promote collaboration and leverage capacity in post-fire research and monitoring. First, the fellow will help to develop a dynamic catalog of post-fire research and monitoring activities after major fire events in Oregon over the last two years, including the historic Labor Day fires of 2020. The catalog will include research and monitoring activities in air, soil, water, and biology and will increase understanding of resource conditions, fire impacts, and recovery efforts. The catalog will allow participants to easily find where scientific information is being collected, who is collecting it, what indicators are being measured, and where the final data will be stored and shared.

The fellow will collaborate with the inter-agency team to develop a post-fire "playbook," which will help users identify post-fire research and monitoring tasks and objectives immediately after a major fire event. The playbook will also will help to evaluate different agency and entity responsibilities and interests related to post-fire research and monitoring toward the goal of promoting collaboration and sharing of resources after fire events. The fellow will also help with planning and implementation of a post-fire research and monitoring symposium. The symposium will bring together a diverse group of agency, university, and non-governmental organization representatives involved in post-fire research and monitoring to share their post-fire work and make connections.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling-basis.

Anticipated Appointment Start Date: February 2022. Start date is flexible and will depend on a variety of factors.

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Jan 11, 2022


Feb 24, 2022


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