Job: FERA Field Crew Lead - University of Washington and US Forest Service - Seattle, WA


This incumbent leads a small crew in the collection and processing of data for scientific research conducted by the US Forest Service's Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team (FERA). There are multiple existing projects for field data collection. Projects include, but are not limited to, characterization of wildland fuels in multiple locations in the United States, evaluation of fuel consumption during prescribed burning, and post-fire tree mortality. These data will be used to assess fuel consumption and tree injury and evaluate the overall predictive capability of fuels and fire behavior models. Data collection includes identification and physical measurements of trees, shrubs, understory plants, downed woody debris, litter, and ground fuels, and collection of fuel samples for laboratory processing. Data processing tasks include categorizing, drying and weighing samples to determine dry biomass and/or fuel moisture, data entry, and data quality control/quality assurance.

Open Until Filled