Job: Research Scientist - UW Forest Resilience Laboratory - Seattle, WA


The Forest Resilience Laboratory (part of the Precision Forestry Cooperative) in the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences is looking for a half-time research scientist to support forest landscape ecology studies. Our work focuses on the effects of fire and other disturbance processes on forest structure and assessing management options for improving forest resilience. The scale of our studies ranges from the area of individual fires or management project areas to millions of hectares. Our research requires experience in both analyzing remote sensing data, especially airborne lidar data, and in landscape ecology. Other ecologists and forest managers use the results of our work to understand how fire, drought, and climate change threaten forests across the Pacific Coast states. They also use our results to help ensure that healthy forests persist in the face of management challenges and climate change.

The Forest Research Scientist will support research on forest landscape ecology to address both basic forest ecology and management questions. This research will focus on the distribution of forest structures, how ecological processes and management affect the distribution of those structures, and how managers, policy makers, and stakeholders can use the results to manage forests for greater resilience.

Open Until Filled

Post Date

Oct 26, 2021