General: Invitation to Submit to the "Effects of Wildfire on Biodiversity" Special Issue of Fire


The special issue titled “Effects of Wildfire on Biodiversity” in the journal Fire is open for submissions through October 31.

The goal of this special issue is to compile a set of scientific articles describing how wildfire has impacted diversity in the ecosystem where they occurred. The journal invites articles that present measured or modeled effects of wildfire on diversity across various scales and dimensions of fire regime metrics and biological taxa, including but not limited to:

  • Effects of wildfire on diversity of any taxa in any ecosystem
  • Relationships between fire effects and abiotic factors such as climate
  • Predictions of changes in fire effects as a result of a changing climate
  • Effects of scale in the interpretation of fire effects on biodiversity
  • Consequences of larger burned area for the composition of communities and landscapes
  • Consequences of wildfire on biogeochemistry, such as the global carbon cycle


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Contact Name Dr. Eva K. Strand
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