Job: Research Internships in Plant Ecology - Archbold Biological Station - Venus, FL


Review of applications will begin May 17, 2021

Beginning June/July 2021, running about 8 months

Ideal for students with undergraduate degrees contemplating graduate school. Includes independent research project. Provides stipend, room and board. Internships available at Archbold Biological Station in south-central Florida in the Plant Ecology Program, led by incoming director Dr. Aaron David, which emphasizes conservation biology, plant demography, restoration ecology, fire ecology, landscape ecology, and fire management. We study many rare species of endemic vascular plants in endangered Florida scrub and related communities. Active fire management provides outstanding opportunities for short-term comparative studies in fire ecology. Our unique, long-term datasets on dozens of scrub plants gives context to short-term, focused, field projects.

Contact Name Dr. Aaron David
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May 3, 2021


May 17, 2021