Funding: Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center 2021-2022 Research Fellowship Program Request for Proposals


The Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC) invites proposals for its 2021-2022 Research Fellowship Program from graduate students at University of Washington (UW), Boise State University (BSU), Oregon State University (OSU), University of Montana (UM), Washington State University (WSU) and Western Washington University (WWU) and postdoctoral scholars at BSU, OSU, UM, WSU, and WWU (this fellowship cannot support postdocs at UW).

The NW CASC Fellowship Program supports research related to climate adaptation for Northwest natural and cultural resource management and provides training in the principles and practices of developing decision-relevant science. Funding will be available as early as Fall Term 2021, to support research performed during the 2021-2022 academic year.

The NW CASC science priorities are closely tied to the needs of regional natural and cultural resource managers. Included in their priorities are managing western Washington wildfire risk in a changing climate and managing post-fire vegetation change in a warming climate.

Post Date

Feb 2, 2021


Mar 15, 2021