Job: Public Affairs Specialist - USFWS Fire and Aviation - Boise, ID or Falls Church, VA



  • Coordination with fire management and outreach programs to design a National Outreach Strategy.
  • Coordination with Service visitor services and other fire outreach staffs, conduct a national media relations campaign to profile fire management "success stories." Conceives, develops, implements and evaluates public affairs and outreach strategies designed to meet internal and external needs for information on the Service Fire Management Program.
  • Establish a public affairs program to educate the public about the Service fire management program.
  • Develop and distribute strategic briefing packages for Congress, Department, and the Office of Wildland Fire on key fire management action areas.
  • Raise visibility of the program within the Service by increasing internal communications about fire management activities.
  • Gather information and produce information materials concerning policies, programs and activities for dissemination.

Post Date

Jul 10, 2020


Jul 22, 2020