Job: Forestry Program Manager - Kalispel Tribe of Indians - Usk, WA


The Program Manager is responsible for providing strategic planning and oversight for the Tribal Forestry Program with up to 6 professional and technical staff members and a minimum annual budget of $500,000 dollars.  This position is responsible for developing, directing, evaluating and managing Reservation and off-Reservation forests including NEPA compliance, Cultural clearance, Timber Sale set up, Advertisement and Execution of Contract, Pre-commercial thinning, Planting operations, fuels reduction treatments, and monitoring and evaluation activities.  The Program Manager develops and implements multi-year project plans in support of Tribal goals to provide forestry services for Tribal members and allottees.  This position requires frequent contact and interaction with multiple regional and national level managers in federal, state, county, tribal and other agencies and organizations.  This position provides recommendations to the Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources and Natural Resources Executive Director on negotiations and agreements with external agencies including costs, rates, deliverables, compliance issues and any other contract terms or conditions.  As a key liaison with outside agencies, the Program Manager provides technical analysis and advice to the Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources, the Natural Resources Executive Director, and represents the Tribe in negotiations of complex interagency agreements, cooperative agreements, memorandums of agreements/understanding (MOA/MOU), grants, procurement contracts and various other types of contracted obligations.

Location: Usk, WA
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Post Date

Jul 6, 2020