Job: AmeriCorps Forest Restoration Assistant - TNC - Maryland


The AmeriCorps Forest Restoration Assistant will work with Conservation staff in teams to ensure the coordination, community support and implementation of preserve/forest management plans. Essential functions include:

  • Collect forest measurement data and apply basic data summary and analysis methods to report on findings, with training and direction from supervisor.
  • Assist supervisor in marking legacy trees, designating patch reserves, characterizing canopy gaps and planting seedlings for a late-successional forest management project. 
  • Identify, map, and remove invasive species at restoration sites.
  • Use GIS and mobile map apps to map monitoring and treatment sites.
  • Assist supervisor during drone missions conducted as part of restoration projects by establishing ground control points.
  • Maintain a geodatabase with spatial data and conduct basic image processing/analysis with training and direction from supervisor.
  • Work with a burn team to implement prescribed burn and participate in prescribed burning after meeting the following requirements:
  • Receive certificate and training in prescribed burns
  • Pass physical Pack-test for s130/190 certification
  • Receive CPR/First Aide Training
  • May organize volunteer events, engage local participants to treat invasive species, remove fencing, plant native plants, etc.  
  • Improve coordination among stakeholders and partners working on controlled burning, forest restoration, and invasive plant control
  • Communicate conservation efforts being implemented such as forest restoration, controlled fire, and invasive plant control to stakeholders, partners, and the general public

Post Date

Jun 17, 2020


Jul 14, 2020