Job: Western Forest-Climate-Wildfire Governance Network Analysis Postdoctoral Researcher - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI


A postdoctoral researcher is being sought to lead an effort to analyze the governance network around management of western fire-prone forests under climate change for the benefit of ecosystems and human communities. This position is part of new a multi-disciplinary working group that aims to improve scientific understanding of western forests as social-ecological systems (SES) undergoing change and develop strategies for managing forests to mitigate risk and improve ecosystem health and socio-economic well-being. The postdoctoral researcher will inventory, classify, and map, as part of a network, the key public and private actors concerned with fire-prone forests in the Rocky Mountain region. The work will involve primary data collection about actors’ goals, strategies, and interactions; quantitative descriptive and inferential network analysis; and writing scholarly manuscripts and grant proposals.

Location: University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability
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Contact Name Dr. Paige Fischer
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