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The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) would like to invite you to participate, either as a mentor or mentee, in its Mentoring Program.

The IAWF has an open period for applications two times per year. After the applications are received and reviewed, the IAWF will match the mentors and mentees based on interests and geographic location. IAWF encourages both face to face mentoring and online remote mentoring, depending on the location of the participants. Both parties will need to mutually commit to six months.  The IAWF will provide participants with resources, i.e. checklists, agreements, suggestions, etc.

What makes a good mentor?

  • Commitment to the mentee's learning and project goals.
  • Ability to provide positive feedback, encouragement, and advice when requested.
  • Interest in seeing and supporting the menteeā€™s growth and success in their professional or personal goals.
  • Ability to ask key questions to support the mentee to develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills, and to be resilient and independent.
  • Ability to establish clear expectations and commitments, to express these to the mentee, and to ask for the same.
  • Generosity with tools and approaches that support others to learn
  • Willingness to share key contacts and networks with the mentee, and to source other areas of expertise when required.

**The IAWF has a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY for one mentee to work with Dr. Stephen Pyne on a writing project. It's about nonfiction writing on fire for a more general public than scientific papers can reach. It will be a sampler of literary techniques that writers can explore and decide which they are comfortable with.**