Job: Field Crew Lead - University of Washington, School of Environmental & Forest Sciences - Seattle, WA


Closing Info: Open until filled

Salary: $3500-4000 per month, 40 hours per week (Overtime Eligible)

Duration: 6 months, with potential to extend. Start date in early June 2020

Position: The incumbent leads a small crew in the collection and processing of data for scientific research conducted by the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team at the USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab. There are multiple existing projects for field data collection. Projects include, but are not limited to, characterization of wildland fuels in multiple locations throughoutthe United States (including the southeastern and western US); evaluation of fuel consumption during prescribed burns, and post-fire tree damage inventory. This data will be used to assess fuels modeling methods, and evaluate the overall predictive capability of fuels and fire behavior models. Data collection includes identification and physical measurements of trees, shrubs, understory plants, downed woody debris, litter, and ground fuels, and collection of fuel samples for laboratory processing.

Location: USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab
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Contact Name Ernesto Alvadao
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