General: Sign the Letter of Support for the JFSP by FRIDAY 3/6


Based on current budget proposals, the JFSP will be have a 50% reduction in budget from FY2019. The sign-on letter will be delivered to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate and House Subcommittees for Appropriations for Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies expressing collective support for the program. Signatures are needed by FRIDAY 03/06/2020. Please consider whether you feel this merits your signature and/or broader distribution to others within your networks.

This sign-on letter is designed primarily for individual signatures. Federal employees are asked not to use their official position or time to sign on to this letter; doing so could be considered a violation of the Hatch Act. If someone lists their federal position or email, they must be deleted from the list. HOWEVER, federal employees who want to sign on as private citizens are welcome to if they list a personal email and use personal time to sign on. They are of course free to consult with their agency for guidance on this matter.

Use the link below to review and sign the letter.

Contact Name Stacey Sargent Frederick