General: Alaska Drought Workshop Planning Questionnaire


The Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks has a questionnaire to gather information to assist in planning a workshop focused on drought in Alaska. Please fill out the questionnaire and distribute it to all with whom you think would be interested in participating in this workshop. Please provide your responses by 2/14/2020.

In 2019, parts of Alaska experienced extreme drought. Though wet weather has returned, there is a need to better understand drought and its impacts in all of Alaska to better prepare for future dry conditions. On the heels of a successful workshop in Juneau, focused on drought in Southeast Alaska, we are planning one or two drought workshop(s) focused on mainland Alaska. The goal of the workshop(s) is to have participants get a better sense of drought, impacts of drought and interconnections in Alaska to help refine drought thresholds. Also at the workshop(s) information and resources will be shared to raise awareness about drought and lead to changes in response to dry conditions.

So that this workshop(s) serves Alaska, we would like to hear from you. Please take this survey to help us with meeting logistics and gather some information from you about drought in Alaska. Your time providing us information is appreciated. A summary of survey responses will be sent out to all whom respond with an email address.

For those blocked from using SurveyMonkey, there are two alternative ways to collect information for planning the Alaska Drought Workshop. Folks can try entering information in Google Forms or enter information in a word document and email it to Tina Buxbaum

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