Job: Assistant Professor in Hydrological & Climate Extremes


The Department of Earth System Science (ESS) at the University of California, Irvine invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position focused on the predictive understanding of changing hydrological and climate extremes. These extremes are unusual events that inflict disproportionate damage to ecosystems and society including floods, droughts, heat waves, cold extremes, hurricanes, atmospheric rivers, wildfires, and intense air pollution episodes. Identifying the contribution of climate change to the frequency, intensity and behavior of individual events, as well as the aggregated statistics of multiple events, is a field of science that is increasingly shaping the public’s perception of climate change. We welcome applications from researchers who are using a range of approaches, including observational analysis, dynamical theory, machine learning, statistical modeling, and dynamical and fully coupled Earth system models to study changing hydrological and climate extremes, with an emphasis on creating new knowledge about the basic mechanisms that will enable a predictive understanding of these phenomena and their impacts on human and natural systems. UC Irvine’s ESS department was founded to explore the global environmental changes that occur on human time scales. The department has 24 full time faculty from diverse backgrounds ( The successful applicant will have a strong research agenda, a commitment to excellence in teaching and in promoting diversity and inclusion in a collegial, cross-disciplinary department.

Location: University of California - Irvine

Post Date

Nov 19, 2019


Jan 2, 2020


Type: Job