Job: Forestry Technician - BLM - Coeur'd Alene, ID



  • Serves as a Forestry Technician in a Bureau of Land Management office.
  • Assists professional Foresters by gathering a variety of resource information.
  • Prepares the forestry portion of Resource Management Planning documents.
  • Assist's with other planning and environmental clearance documents; researches and drafts segments of those documents; may make limited recommendations relative to management practices.
  • Performs timber sale reconnaissance and unit design for proposed timber sale tracts.
  • Recognizes variations in timber stand conditions such as species composition, age classes, and silvicultural treatments in order to develop management prescriptions.
  • Reads physical characteristics of terrain as they relate to logging systems and road systems
  • Conducts 100 percent timber cruises or sample surveys to estimate volumes of timber for timber sales
  • Conducts field surveys of timber sale boundaries, roads, and property lines. Uses field notes to plot property lines, read traverses, or timber sale maps.
  • Compiles maps of forest and woodland areas, cutover areas, burned areas, and special use
  • areas.
  • May be assigned to oversee the work of lower graded employees.

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Aug 21, 2019


Aug 27, 2019


Type: Job