Job: Restoration Ecologist - Sierra Streams Institute - Nevada City, CA


The Restoration Ecologist develops, implements and oversees restoration projects, and insures projects achieve outcomes within appropriate budget and resources.

The Restoration Ecologist at Sierra Streams Institute has a critical role in the community. Projects will include environmental mitigation, woodland, riparian, wetland restoration, stream stabilization and native landscaping. The Restoration Ecologist will be responsible for developing restoration and management plans, managing assessments needed for permitting and creating and implementing watershed restoration projects. This also involves developing partnerships for the projects including with Federal, State, local agencies, tribes, universities, nonprofits and landowners.


  • Invasive species control
  • Native planting
  • Riparian stabilization
  • Re-vegetation of abandoned mine lands
  • Creation and implementation of forest fire reduction balanced with forest health strategies
  • Development of re-vegetation plant palettes
  • Development of GIS maps of project areas
  • Collaboration with the local indigenous tribe to select culturally significant plants for restoration
  • Implementation of ecological monitoring assessments at restoration sites
  • Hiring and management of contractors for assessments
  • Research and development of new techniques/protocols
  • Writing of research articles in scientific journals and presentations of work at conferences
  • Development of contracts and oversight of consultants and vegetation management crews.
  • Analyze data from assessments to inform restoration
  • Write regulatory permitting applications and regulatory documentation
  • Organize and track project expenditures, budgets, and activities
  • Document project milestones and complete grant reporting requirements
  • Recruitment of volunteers and organization of volunteer restoration workdays
  • Develop projects for grants and write sections of grant proposals
  • Partner with education department in the development of citizen science projects
  • Teach community members about restoration projects and watershed health.

Post Date

Aug 7, 2019


Type: Job