General: Call for Abstracts - Fire Management as Climate Policy


Consider submitting an abstract to this session, organized by Carly Philllips, Brendan Rogers, and Peter Frumhoff. Abstracts are due July 31. The AGU fall meeting is December 9-13 in San Francisco.
As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of wildfires, wildfires themselves exacerbate climate change through the release of greenhouse gases and black carbon. Together with expanding populations, this reinforcing cycle also leads to destruction of critical infrastructure, negative health outcomes from smoke, and loss of life. Fire management, however, has the potential to protect carbon, ecosystems, and human well-being, and minimize feedbacks to climate change and thus the intensification of wildfires. The aim of this session is to explore how fire management can interrupt this wildfire cycle, and reduce the impacts of climate change while minimizing the consequences of carbon loss. Organizers encourage abstracts that address interactions between wildfire science, public health, and climate policy, with an emphasis on those that address (1) feedbacks between wildfires and climate change, (2) impacts of wildfire on public health and (3) fire management as a strategy to limit atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.