Job: Wildlife Refuge Specialist - Oregon DOI



As a Wildlife Refuge Specialist you will be responsible to plan, manage and coordinate the programs and operations of the Refuge. Administrative, operational and related programs are varied, however, the numbers of major activities such as construction of new facilities, pest control, public use, etc. are limited.

Wildlife Biology, Ecology and Habitat Management: Initiate and oversee conservation activities (e.g., habitat development, clean-up, contaminant and restoration projects, research studies, population studies, wildlife inventory, monitoring, etc.); prepare interagency cooperative agreements, memoranda of understanding and special use permits; assist in the fire program; participate in land acquisition or easement activities.

Visitor Services: Assist with a comprehensive public relations/public use program including off-refuge programs, interpretive and educational programs, wildlife dependent recreation (hunting, fishing, wildlife observation), and other recreational management activities. Conduct tours, serve as an environmental education instructor; manage the volunteer program.

Natural Resources Program Management: Participate in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessments (EAs), Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 consultations, etc., Comprehensive Conservation Plans, Habitat Management Plans, Land Acquisition and Protection Plans, etc.; ensure actions are compliant with laws, rules, and regulations (e.g., water rights, rights-of-way, oil and gas, easements, fee title lands, etc.).

Business, Facilities and Equipment Management: Assist senior management develop long-range plans, annual work plans, budgets and work schedules. Develops cost estimates and the work sequence of major and minor rehabilitation projects, and prepares administrative and accomplishment reports. Plan and schedule operations and maintenance projects covering limited construction, repair and maintenance of equipment, facilities and infrastructure.

Other Information: The incumbent is expected to work outside in inclement weather (heat in the summer, cold and snow in the winter), on rough uneven terrain, and exposed to wind and insects. The Refuge is located in a remote area, approximately 30 miles from the small town of Chiloquin, Oregon with limited services.

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Jun 26, 2019


Jul 8, 2019


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