Job: Associate Environmental Analyst - Seattle, WA


Job Responsibilities:

Support the Forest Management Sub-committee in developing a Forest Management Plan

  • Evaluate data and documents
  • Perform GIS analysis
  • Develop and implement collection and analysis of environmental data
  • Model and project forest vegetation development
  • Manage consultant contracts to support options analysis

Support the fire risk assessment for the Cedar River Municipal Watershed

  • Serve as technical liaison for research collaborators
  • Process vegetation and environmental data
  • Coordinate research efforts with other departments
  • Evaluate results of fire effects modeling, translate model output into map products and develop options for fire risk mitigation

Develop and implement climate adaptation projects for the Upland Restoration Program

  • Develop prescriptions and contract for implementation
  • Interact with other governmental and tribal agencies
  • Apply for relevant permits
  • Mange contracts and conduct compliance monitoring
  • Write summary reports

Post Date

Mar 17, 2019


Mar 26, 2019