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Position Overview: Serves as the agency’s lead expert on prescribed fire – use, application and implementation. The primary purpose of the position will be to provide leadership in the use and applicability of prescribed fire in Washington, develop a prescribed fire program within the agency and develop a prescribed burn certification program for those who practice prescribed burning in the State of Washington (see RCW 76.04.183). This position serves as a mid-level manager providing oversight and program advocacy for the appropriate use of prescribed fire as well as long-term growth and viability of the program.

The position will provide support for the successful operational use of prescribed fire in helping to achieve the goals of the agency’s 20-year Forest Health Strategic Plan for Eastern Washington ( Additionally, the position will be expected to collaborate with other prescribed fire experts within the region and regularly report on the use, application, implementation and effects of prescribed fire in Washington with an emphasis in forested ecosystems.

Required Education & Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in fire science, fire ecology, forestry, other applicable field.
• Minimum 10 years of experience as a wildland firefighter with experience in PNW or similar fuel types and use of prescribed fire.

Required Qualifications:
• Knowledge of forest & fire ecology in the PNW or similar ecosystems and successful management strategies to address those issues.
• Demonstrated successful experience with fuels & vegetation management, fire management, and prescribed fire plans.
• Proven skills in the development and/or implementation of a similar program at the local, state or federal level.
• Prescribed fire and fuels management - experience in activities such as:
    o Professional forest or range inventory methods and procedures (e.g., Brown's planar intercept for dead and down fuels; fuel loading assessments)
    o Analysis of fuel loadings and determination of appropriate fuel treatment methods
    o Evaluation of prescribed burn plans or fire management plans
    o Conducting surveys before and after prescribed fires to determine attainment of resource objectives
• One year of experience in successfully administering contracts, interagency agreements, grants, or other partnership agreements.

Preferred Education/Certification:
• Currently qualified as NWCG RXB2 or higher OR RXM2 or higher.

Working Conditions & Special Position Requirements:
• Travel is required including overnight travel – lodging/meals covered.
• Must have valid Washington driver’s license; this position requires driving as an essential function. Employees who drive for state business, whether in a state or privately owned vehicle, are required to possess a valid driver’s license as defined in agency policy
• Use/application of prescribed fire which will require ability to navigate on foot varying & diverse terrain; ability to work in smoke filled environment.

Contact: Julie